Springfield, Massachusetts

South Congregation Church

Builder:        Ernest M. Skinner Co.
   Year:        1901
   Opus:        164
No. manuals:    3


        8' Diapason          (new)
        8' Gross Flute       (new)
        8' Erzähler          (new)
        8' Trumpet           (revoice)

        8' Salicional        (new)
        8' Voix Celestes     (new)
        4' Flute             (new)
       16' Fagotto           (tonal work done, but not specified)
        8' Cornopean         (revoice with new treble)
        8' Oboe              (revoice)
        8' Vox Humana        (revoice softer)

       16' Gamba             (new)
        8' Dulcet            (new)
        8' Orchestral Oboe   (new)
        8' Clarinet          (revoice)

"International pitch; old portion to be transposed.  3 1/2" wind."

Source: OHS Archives, via Jonathan Bowen; E M Skinner/Aeolian-Skinner Opus List, compiled by Allen Kinzey and Sand Lawn.

Organ Historical Society Database: https://pipeorgandatabase.org/OrganDetails.php?OrganID=22085