New York, NY
Armenian Evangelical Church

Builder:		Skinner Organ Co.
  Year:			1923
  Opus:			448
No. manuals:		2
No. stops:		9
No. ranks:		9
No. pipes:		616


	8'	Diapason		73
	8'	Melodia			73
	8'	Dulciana		73
		Chimes			20 tubes
	8'	Gedeckt			73
	8'	Salicional		73
	8'	Voix Celeste		61
	4'	Harmonic Flute		73
	8'	Flugel Horn		73
	8'	Vox Humana		61	(prepared for)
	16'	Bourdon			32

According to the stop list found on the website for the NYC AGO Chapter, the present building was originally built as a bank in classic Greek Revival style, but was in fact never used as a bank.  The organ is installed in two cases within and at the front of the room, and enjoys an optimal acoustic environment.  In 1995, the organ was completely restored to original condition by J. G. Saenger Instruments of Topton PA, reversing previous modifications.

Picture Source: The New York City Chapter of The American Guild of Organists