Larchmont, NY
Herbert Lubin Residence

Builder:		Skinner Organ Company
  Year:			1924
  Opus:			494
No. manuals:		2
No. stops:		18
No. ranks:		11
No. pipes:		642


Manual I
   Expression I
	8'	Diapason		61
	8'	Voix Celeste II		122
	8'	Flute Celeste II	110
   Expression II
	8'	Chimney Flute		61
	4'	Orchestral Flute	61
	8'	English Horn		61
	8'	Corno d'Amore		61
	8'	Vox Humana		61
Manual II	(same as Manual I)
	16'	Bourdon			32
	8'	Gedeckt			12

Source: Allen Kinzey

Photo Source: Stop, Open and Reed via Larry Trupiano

Notes: Originally to be installed in Mr. Lubin's apartment in New York City, the organ was delivered instead to his home in Larchmont.  Within a short time, the home and organ were sold to A. C. Blumenthal.

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