Malden, Massachusetts

First Church of Christ, Scientist

Builder:        Skinner Organ Company
   Year:        1926
   Opus:        583
No. manuals:    2
No. stops:      11
No. ranks:      7
No. pipes:      470


                GREAT ORGAN
             8' Diapason            61
             8' Clarabella          pf
             8' Salicional          SW
             8' Gedeckt             SW
             4' Flute               SW
                SWELL ORGAN
             8' Geigen Principal    pf
             8' Gedeckt             73
             8' Salicional          73
             8' Voix Celeste        73
             4' Flute               73
             8' Flügel Horn         73
                PEDAL ORGAN
            16' Bourdon             32
             8' Flute               12

Source: Jonathan Bowen

The above stop list was applicable at the time of the 1992 OHS Convention and was published in The Tracker, the journal of the Organ Historical Society. The article also said the following:

"The Skinner Organ Co. instrument was built for the First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Malden, Massachusetts, and installed in a chamber behind grillwork. After the Malden church closed, the Organ Clearing House relocated the organ in 1986 to the studio of Thomas R. Thomas in West Palm Beach, Florida, and it was restored there by Thomas-Pierce, Ltd., which subsequently offered it for sale. In due course, the OCH suggested it to the High Street Congregational Church, Auburn, Maine, and moved it there from Florida. David Wallace enlarged and installed it in its new home. The casework was designed for the High Street Church by James. A. Stillson of Dallas, Texas.

"The original Great consisted of a leathered Diapason 8' and a prepared-for Clarabella 8'. Jason McKeown replaced the original Diapason 8' with new pipes from the shop of Thomas Anderson, and installed a new Spitzlofte 8' in place of the never-installed Clarabella 8'. The Swell had room for a prepared-for Geigen Principal 8'; Jason McKeown installed, instead, a Viola 4', actually a "Prestant" 4'. David E. Wallace added the Octave Chorus III and the Nazard 2 2/3', utilizing blank knobs in each division."

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