Union City, New Jersey

St. Michael's Catholic Church

Builder:        Aeolian-Skinner Organ Co., Inc.
   Year:        1936
   Opus:        941
No. manuals:    2
No. stops:      15
No. ranks:      13
No. pipes:      884
                GREAT ORGAN
            16' Principal           73
             8' Gemshorn            73
             4' Octave              73
            II  Grave Mixture      122
                SWELL ORGAN
             8' Diapason            73
             8' Gedeckt             73
             8' Salicional          73
             8' Voix Celeste (TC)   61
             4' Flute Harmonique    73
             8' Trumpet             73
             8' Oboe                73
                PEDAL ORGAN
            16' Bourdon             32
            16' Gedeckt             12 SW
             8' Flute               12
             8' Gedeckt             SW

Source: Allen Kinzey

Photo Source: Passionist Historical Archives

Notes:St. Michael's Church was built in 1875, part of St. Michael's (Passionist) Seminary. The immense structure features a dome reaching 193' over the nave floor. A huge fire on Mary 31, 1934 left only the stone walls standing.  The restoration was done by the Boston firm of Maginnis and Walsh. The restored church, which can be seen from Manhattan due to the church's site high on the palisades above the NJ side of the Hudson River, was rededicated on September 29, 1936. In 1981, the parish merged into nearby St. Joseph's Church to become St. Joseph and St. Michael the Archangel. The former St. Michael's church was sold to a Korean Presbyterian congregation in 1984. The monastery was destroyed by fire in 1994 and razed in 1998.

The chancel is 58' deep and the nave is 248' long and 88' wide. The height of the nave is 72' and from the floor to the top of the dome ceiling is 132'.

The organ was located in the arched grillwork to the left of the altar.

Organ Historical Society Database: https://pipeorgandatabase.org/OrganDetails.php?OrganID=25198